Where can I buy Raspberry Pi in India ? [updated]

Being an Electronics Hobbyist in India, You need to wait few days or even months before you hands down to any new hardware. Raspberry Pi is no different from this trend, It took few months to spot Raspberry Pi in India.

So, Here I have listed few online hardware distributors through you can get Raspberry Pi in India. The list doesn’t follow any particular order, Infact I advise you to research all before going with anyone.



Bangalore based online distributor fully dedicated to provide Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi accessories. Many users reported that they received within three days of the order and in good condition. Raspberry Pi Model B comes for Rs.3,125 and with casing Rs.3450, If you are a beginner get Raspberry Pi Model B Started kit for Rs.4,875.

CrazyPi is a great place to get all necessary accessories for Raspberry Pi such as  LED Display, Regulated Power Supply, Camera, Raspberry Pi Casings etc.


Digibay is one of the pioneer of online embedded hardware distributors in India, You can get Raspberry Pi Model B 512 MB RAM for Rs.3199 and with casing for Rs.3499 but I haven’t spotted any Raspberry Pi accessories.

Kits ‘n’ Spares

A well known electronics hardware and Kits dealer in India, They made a contract with Element 14 to distribute Raspberry Pi’s in India.


Its also the one of the earlier online stores to ship Raspberry Pi in India,Many users have reported delay in shipping but their price is very much promising and worth checking.

RS Components India

A global leader in providing Electronics components and kits,The price seems to be very low (Rs.2950 for Raspberry Pi Type B 512 Mb) but they ship the product from UK,So you can add up Rs.1000 extra for custom duties.

If you are a cheapster then go with Tenettech and for a decent buy go with Kit ‘n’ Spares or Simple Labs.

Potential Labs

At potential labs you can buy Raspberry Pi Model B for Rs.3250 and Raspberry Pi Complete kit for Rs.4545. I consider it slightly overpriced but its a complete online store to buy Raspberry Pi accessories.

some other distributors

AnterBox – Model B Rs.3099

Sumeet instrument - Model B Rs.3250

I might have missed some other online stores,So add your suggestion as a comment below and help me to extend this list.


  1. cskmail says

    How can I run Windows on it, I am planning to gift it to my 2nd grader boy (6+ yrs old). He has started to use MS Paint and MS Excel. So this must be a good super toy for him.

  2. says

    Useful links. I am planning to buy a starter pack with SD card, power adapter etc. Any suggestions?
    @Syed: potentiallabs.com only ships in Andhra region.

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