Setup your Electronics Garage : Basic Tools and Components Required


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If you are an Electronics Hobbyist,I am sure you will be having your own Electronic Garage,If not a separate a room or a Workbench,you will be having at least the basic set of Electronics components and Tools.

In this post,I am going to list out the basic Tools and Electronics components which I have in my Electronic garage.If you are new to Electronics and didn’t have a garage,this post will help you to setup one.If you already have,no problem just check whether you have these things at your desk.

The things I mentioned below are not mandatory,It depends on your level and interest.Also don’t be in a hurry to build your garage at once,It must be a slower process,but make sure that you have the things which I underlined,Otherwise It might be like learning computer programming without a computer.

Tools and Devices :

  • Small Pliers and Wire cutters ( You can use your teeth also :-)  )
  • Wire Strippers ( It will come handy while using Breadboard )
  • Screw Driver Set ( will be very useful so keep it safe from your mom.. :-)  )
  • A Breadboard
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Power supply/universal AC adapter ( preferably 0 – 12v)
  • Wires for Breadboard ( Solid-conductor, 22-gauge )
  • Normal wires
  • Patch cords or crocodile clips
  • soldering iron and Soldering stand
  • Magnifying Lens (will be useful while Soldering )
  • Soldering Wires
  • Perforated board  aka General PCB

Electronic Components :

  • Batteries ( keep both 9v and some 1.5v AA Batteries)
  • Battery Holders ( If you don’t have this get help from your brothersister :-o  )
  • Light Emitting Diodes LEDs ( Get as much as you like to have )
  • Push buttons also called as SPST switches
  • Normal Switches or SPDT switches
  • Resistors ( 220ohms,470 ohms,1k,2.2k,5k,10k visit here to know other values  )
  • Potentiometers or Variable Resistors ( 2k )
  • Light Dependent resistors (LDR’s)
  • Relays (12V DC)
  • Loud Speakers
  • Transistors and Capacitors (visit here to get values)
  • Diodes ( 1N4001   )
  • 555 Timer (I always have at least 3)
  • Some Logic gates ( 74HC00, 74HC02, 74HC04, 74HC08, 74HC32, and 74HC86 )
  • IC Sockets
  • Seven Segment Displays and 16 Segment Displays
  • Voltage Regulators ( LM7805 )

and finally

  • Arduino Board (I have UNO)
I suggest you to make your own priority list and buy the components and tools when have money.

Where can I buy it ?

Start browsing,nearby electronics stores before you go online,because components price will be high if you buy online.Here is some online stores where you can buy things (If it is not available in your town)

  • Element 14                                          –
  • Digi-Key                                              –
  • Farnell                                                 –
  • Cricklewood Electronics                 –
  • Futurlec                                                –
  • JLB Electronics                                  –
  • Maplin                                                  –
  • Microchip                                             –
  • RS Components                                  –

I recommend you to read this to get tips about buying Electronics components online

Now its your time to speak up…ask anything regarding this list…I love to hear your feedback.

I promise lot more basic stuffs are coming soon….so stay tuned by subscribing our newsletter


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